We have some flexible options for you to begin with. You can take a look at our pricing plans for Professional and Personal Development Courses that we offer here at Power Training Corporation. Based upon your budget and your personal requirements, you can be part of any of the courses mentioned below and kick start the journey towards becoming life coach with a bright future.

At Power Training Corporation, we are here to help you fulfill the dream of becoming a life coach! So, what are you waiting for? Select the one course that you find is most appropriate for you and begin training right away!


$200 month
  • 1 Video Session Per Month
$400 month
  • 2 Video Sessions
$500 month
  • 3 Video Sessions
  • Email Follow Up
$600 month
  • 4 Video Sessions (1 a week)
  • Email Follow Ups
  • 10% Discount Off All Courses
  • 10% Discount Off All e-Books
  • 10% Discount Off All Audio Programs

Sessions are 45 mins to 60 minutes in length. They are conducted on Skype at times that fit best for you, so email us times for your first session.