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How to regain your life and learn the skills of a life coach, all without visiting therapists, counselors or taking antidepressants?


Online Training Starts in: 4 Minute and 3 Seconds

Meet Power Training Corporation

Looking for Online Life Coaching Training? We provide “pay as you learn” Online Life Coaching Courses and Personal Development Courses. Designed and created by Lifestyle Coach Dr. Patrick McNally PhD these courses are filled with a wealth of knowledge and techniques.

Our certified life coaching programs and courses have become very popular around the world. Learn Online Life Coach Training from people who run their own Professional Life Coaching Business and learn the Life Coaching Skills they use in their own Private Practice. Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) are just some of the subjects covered in our Certified Life Coaching Programs.

You will have access to an Online Life Coach throughout your learning including LIVE VIDEO Coaching.

These Courses have received amazing video and written testimonials from students who have said our Courses are the best life coaching programs available while others said they were the best life coach certification programs on the market.

Ready to learn how to regain your life?
Just follow the steps below

Step #1

Take our free online course on how to control emotions. Once you complete this course you’ll be able to master anxiety, depression even anger and much more and be ready to feel good again.

Step #2

Watch these videos and when you enrol in our Online Coaching Course
you’ll receive FREE,  3 Personal Skype Coaching Sessions valued at $525.00 .