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Our Story 01

Our Story

Three Decades Of Training!

When you serve people for a long time you get to know some of the short cuts you can offer to people who want to move forward and learn new things. We specialise in designing courses and private coaching sessions so you can speed up the process.
From humble beginnings in Sydney we have grown to serve our clients worldwide now. So no matter where you live we are always there for you to help you learn and grow.

Our Values 02

Our Values

The most important thing is results

We value results above all else. We know you have the choice of many courses, but we value results for you. We want you to experience and feel you are gaining skills fast. We know from three decades of teaching, no one wants to take year long courses over and over again.
Once you select your course we pull out all the stops to help you get results fast.

Our Online Coaching 03

Our Online Coaching

We deliver online courses and one v one private coaching

It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or a parent we can help you learn and grow. Our online personal development and coaching course is a Premier Course with over 40 lessons and is a certified course. Within 7 weeks you can be helping others as a trained Coach and making an extra income full or part time. We will be with you every step of the way.

Our Service Categories

If you need something that isn't listed please let us know!


You can choose to visit our offices one hour north of Sydney or connect via video. These private coaching packages are a perfect way to increase your learning or to have a breakthrough.

Book your FREE call here:


You can book in a FREE Business Consult here. We work with a wide range of organisations from start up’s through to multi nationals. If your business or idea needs proven strategies then grab a FREE Consult.


We can design a training course specifically for your company or department that gives you results. These program modules can be used by your training staff or we can deliver them for you. Let us know where your staff need to be helped by booking your FREE call here:


Our Chairman, Patrick McNally Ph.D. speaks and lectures around the world on a wide range of topics. For your next Conference or Seminar book Patrick to relay a message for you that will be remembered by your audience. For more details visit his website here. Book your FREE Call here:


Our team of experienced marketers can help your business discover new lines of income and reduce cost, as well as prepare a targeted marketing program that produces results. Book your FREE Call here:


How To Become A Life Coach is our Premier online coaching course. With over 40 lessons with more added regularly, it has become THE course to take. It includes Personal Development, where you will lose weight and change any and all unwanted habits while you take the course. Included in the online course is one v one coaching. Book your FREE Call here:

My team really enjoyed the training, our customer service department are still "buzzing" 4 months later. We look forward to getting you in again for more. Thank you again.
Telephone selling is a difficult job but you guys made it look so easy. Our team have taken on your methods and the results are incredible. 37% increase in closing sales across the department. That's amazing, please pas on my thanks to all the team for a great program.
Our Government department was really unhealthy, lots of stress related issues daily, but since your Life Balance Program the changes are brilliant. The team are working together and stress related issue are non existent now. We really thank you for the extra work you put into helping this team get the department back working together again. Thank you.